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The SVG Podcast

Aug 18, 2017

In this bonus episode of The SVG Podcast, we get a few minutes to chat with the newly-introduced President of the Pac-12 Networks, Mark Shuken.

Shukin - thirty-year veteran of the regional sports network industry - brings with him a loaded executive and production background that recently saw him lead the creation and...

Aug 17, 2017

On this edition of the show we take a look at the much-hyped world of esports. Platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Daily Motion, Azubu, and much more have been bringing live esports streams to gamers around the world for some time, but now major networks are getting into the mix.

We’re here to talk about the aspect of it...

Aug 2, 2017

Anyone in live television knows the name. Legendary producer David Hill launched Sky Sports in the UK and Fox Sports in the United States and served as executive producer of massive live television programs like the Academy Awards, X Factor, and American Idol.

In this keynote conversation from our LiveTV:LA...