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The SVG Podcast

Jun 10, 2020

As live sports slowly begins to return to action, one sporting event we know for certain won't be happening this summer is the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. That's thrown off the plans of broadcasters around the globe who rely on the Olympics as a major driver not only of viewership but of technological innovation.

We’re joined on The SVG Podcast today by Mark Parkman, general manager of the Olympic Channel to break down with him the impact the postponement the Olympics has had on the Olympic Channel, how its impacted their programming strategy overall, and what they have in store for next year when the Olympics hopefully do happen in Tokyo beginning in July 2021.

This interview is conducted by SVG’s Co-Executive Director, Editorial Services Ken Kerschbaumer.

The SVG Podcast is for the sports-video–production professional looking to keep up with the latest in sports-video–production operations and technology. The program features interviews with some of the biggest, most influential names in the sports-video business talking trends and topics that are making an impact on the industry.