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The SVG Podcast

Feb 26, 2020

A persistent trend in the sports video operations business today is the challenge of finding and training the next generation of broadcast IT technologists, particularly engineers. This is especially true of finding women in those roles.

The same can be said of the broadcast industry in Europe. That was the focus of a panel discussion at the latest Networking Event hosted by SVG Europe Women. The discussion, which featured three engineers working in the field and three educators, addressed the measures that are being taken to guide more young women into STEM roles, the disparity between that desire and the educational prerequisites that deter or prevent women from going in that direction, and the value of learning on the job.

The educators:
Polly Hickling, the course leader of the Media Technology Program at Solent University Southampton
Susan Pratt, director of teaching and learning for the department of music and media, film and video production technology at the University of Surrey
Dr. Ajaz Ali, course director of Digital Television Technology and Degree Apprenticeships at Ravensbourne

The engineers:
Carys Hughes, design engineer, emerging technologies for Sky
Sandy Isnard, solutions architect for Telstra Broadcast Services
Ro-sheen McKenry, head of production technology at Timeline TV

This conversation was recorded on January 30 at the latest SVG Europe Women networking event held in partnership BT Sport and Timeline Television at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. Your moderator is BT Sport announcer Sarah Elgan.

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