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The SVG Podcast

Jan 9, 2019

Entering 2019, what is the next generation of video quality for sports television? Lately, there’s a format that has taken favor with many in the sports video production community: 1080p with high dynamic range (or HDR).

On today's episode of The SVG Podcast, we analyze if 1080p HDR is really the new sweet spot. We have a panel of experts from across the sports TV industry to assess the current state of an all-1080p workflow with or without HDR and dissect how HDR can most easily be layered into a live production.

Joining us on the show are Craig Bernstein, senior director, remote technical operations and engineering at NBC Sports; Brad Cheney, VP, field operations and engineering, Fox Sports; Mike Francis, VP, remote engineering and planning, CBS Sports; and Rob Willox, director of marketing, media solutions, Sony.

This conversation comes from the stage at our 2018 SVG Summit which was held last month in New York. Here to take you through the conversation is good friend of SVG, Glenn Adamo, president, Ivanhoe Media & Entertainment.

The SVG Podcast is for the sports-video–production professional looking to keep up with the latest in sports-video–production operations and technology. The program features interviews with some of the biggest, most influential names in the sports-video business talking trends and topics that are making an impact on the industry.