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The SVG Podcast

Dec 5, 2018

On today's episode of The SVG Podcast we shift our focus to the team side of the business. Over the summer, the Minnesota Vikings opened up their new headquarters and practice facility called TCO Performance Center and with it came spectacular new media production facilities for the team at Vikings Entertainment Network.

We are happy to be joined by Bryan Harper, VP, Content and Production and Allan Wertheimer, Senior Manager, Production for the Minnesota Vikings to take you through the experience of building and now working in TCO Studios.

Our Brandon Costa discusses with Bryan and Allan how things have gone settling into the new facilities, what kinds of content they’ve been able to produce as a result of the studios, and how the VEN team has built up the faith and trust from ownership to warrant such an investment of resources.

For a full write up on the technology inside TCO Studios, read this article that originally ran back in August:…ormance-center/

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