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The SVG Podcast

Nov 13, 2018

It's a special week on The SVG Podcast: ESports Week! All week long, we will dedicate daily episodes to discussions around the exciting technology and storytelling present and future of the exploding world of esports.

On today’s episode, our Brandon Costa sits down with Robert Occhialini, VP, Esports Products and Technology at Turner Sports - working on ELEAGUE - to discuss the technologies, products, and services his team is developing to make esports an even better product for the viewer at home to watch. Robert shares his thoughts on eye-tracking technology, the possibilities around sports science data in esports, and much more.

This interview comes from the stage at our inaugural Esports Production Forum which was hosted last week in Los Angeles.

The SVG Podcast is for the sports-video–production professional looking to keep up with the latest in sports-video–production operations and technology. The program features interviews with some of the biggest, most influential names in the sports-video business talking trends and topics that are making an impact on the industry.