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The SVG Podcast

Aug 28, 2018

With the summer quickly winding to a close, we want to give you one more look back at the year’s biggest sports television event: the FIFA World Cup.

An event like the World Cup naturally generates an incredible amount of video assets. In today's episode of The SVG Podcast, you'll get a peek inside how Fox Sports leveraged The Cloud to more efficiently create, store, and transmit all of that content.

Joining us on the program today from Fox Sports are Dustin Myers, SVP, Production Operations; Reed Kaufman, Executive Director, Post Production; David Sobel, Senior Director, Media Management. Also, from Fox NE&O, we have Adam Hall, Executive Director, Broadcast Data Network Infrastructure.

The SVG Podcast is for the sports-video–production professional looking to keep up with the latest in sports-video–production operations and technology. The program features interviews with some of the biggest, most influential names in the sports-video business talking trends and topics that are making an impact on the industry.