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The SVG Podcast

Jun 28, 2018

CBS Sports' Craig Silver and Pete Radovich are two of the greatest storytellers in sports television today. They join on on this episode of The SVG Podcast to dissect last year's Army-Navy Game that won the Sports Emmy for Outstanding Live Sports Special and how that broadcast serves as a teaching tool for the art of storytelling in both a live and postproduction environment.

Craig Silver has served as lead game producer on the SEC on CBS for 23 years has won nine National Sports Emmys in his 37-year career. Pete Radovich, meanwhile, is Senior Creative Director for CBS Sports and oversees everything about the look of CBS Sports from graphics to teases and features. He's won a staggering 36 Sports Emmys in 16 different categories, including multiple awards this year for the Teasing John Malkovich open prior to this year’s AFC Championship Game, which was honored for Outstanding Open/Tease and the Dick Schapp Outstanding Writing Award.

There's videos that accompany this conversation and they can be accessed here:

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