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The SVG Podcast

Jan 27, 2022

Championship Weekend in the National Football League is here and, following a dramatic Divisional Round, we take you inside what its like inside the stadium producing the videoboard show during the NFL Playoffs.

Sitting in the director’s chair and calling the shots for the in-venue entertainment at one of the NFL’s most iconic venues, Arrowhead Stadium, is Anna Tobkin.

When Tobkin directed her first in-stadium show for the Kansas City Chiefs at the beginning of the 2020 season, she was both the youngest person and the first woman ever to direct the videoboard entertainment in the history of Arrowhead Stadium. This weekend, when she directs the AFC Championship Game, she will be 38 weeks pregnant.

On this episode of The SVG Podcast, we talk to Tobkin about keeping her cool during that Divisional Round game against the Bills, what intangible skills she thinks are needed to sit in a role like hers, how she got to that chair, and what we may expect from her team during this Sunday’s AFC Championship Game.

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