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The SVG Podcast

Dec 11, 2019

On December 17 in New York City, the 2019 class of the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame will be inducted, and among the prestigious group of 10 individuals entering the Hall is former ESPN anchor Bob Ley. Our guest on The SVG Podcast, Ley was the longest-serving on-air talent at ESPN at the time of his retirement earlier this year.

Ley has been behind the desk for countless episodes of SportsCenter and is synonymous with quality journalism having served as lead anchor on the network’s investigative program Outside the Lines.

In this conversation, we will take a look back at his storied career, recall how he got started at ESPN, discuss what he was most proud of during his four decades at the network, and even get his take on the current state of sports media.

NOTE: All proceeds from the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame ceremony go to benefit the Sports Broadcasting Fund, SVG’s charity that offers financial support to industry professionals and their families when facing financial difficulty due to calamity or natural disaster, illness, injury, or loss of life. If you’d like to add the Sports Broadcasting Fund to your holiday giving, please visit

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