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The SVG Podcast

May 12, 2021

The pandemic has forever changed live sports production as facilities have been forced to evolve.

Broadcasters are using a mix of mobile units and flypacks onsite with centralized facilities back home. How will this impact the design and integration of production trucks and other onsite systems? On this episode of The SVG Podcast, mobile-production-facilities integrators discuss how the production compound and the trucks within it are being transformed to meet today’s needs.

We are joined on the show by Game Creek Video's VP, Engineering Solutions Paul Bonar and Engineering Project Manager Keith Martin; Mobile TV Group's CCO Nick Garvin and Director of Engineering Peter Wehner; NEP Integrated Solutions' SVP and GM Scott Nardelli and VP, Systems Integration, U.S. Mobile Units Joe Signorino; and Gravity Media's USA, Director, Technology Alex Rybalko and USA, Director, Production and Content Will Wright.

These conversations - which are moderated by SVG's Co-Executive Director, Editorial Ken Kerschbaumer - were a part of the SVG Systems Integrator Summit which was hosted virtually on April 21 and 22. To access the complete catalog of sessions on-demand, sign up for free at

This episode of The SVG Podcast is sponsored by Lawo. In today’s broadcasting facilities, IP connects everything. This connected universe can be a bewildering place. Make it feel like home. Lawo’s HOME is a new management platform for IP based media infrastructures – designed to connect, manage and secure all instances and aspects of live production environments. Being natively built on a cloud-ready microservice architecture, HOME helps broadcast professionals address some of the most demanding requirements of modern IP infrastructures. See the full presentation today at

The SVG Podcast is for the sports-video–production professional looking to keep up with the latest in sports-video–production operations and technology. The program features interviews with some of the biggest, most influential names in the sports-video business talking trends and topics that are making an impact on the industry.