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The SVG Podcast

Mar 28, 2017

In our first episode of The SVG Podcast, we turn our focus to The Olympic Channel. Launched as an OTT offering by the Olympic Broadcasting Services, The Olympic Channel is available in numerous countries around the world and is dedicated to bringing greater exposure to Olympic events and Olympic athletes year-round. NBC Sports is the US rights holder and is, in fact, expected to launch a linear version of The Olympic Channel sometime this summer.

To break it all down, we got the chance to sit with President of NBC Olympics and President, Operations & Strategy for NBC Sports Group Gary Zenkel.

He discusses NBC’s role in the continued growth of The Olympic Channel, what makes this different from the now-defunct Universal Sports Network, and why he would want to launch a linear sports channel in today's media climate?

NOTE: This conversation was part of SVG’s IP Production Forum and was recorded on March 1 up in Stamford, Connecticut. The interview is conducted by SVG's Executive Director of Editorial Services Ken Kerschbaumer.